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Taurus New Moon April 2020

The New Moon in Taurus on April 22nd/23rd is the first step on our path to whatever it is we want to build of our lives. The opportunity to build a bigger and better future is here.

We are being called now, to really think about what we want to create for ourselves, to really think where we would like our future to be headed. This is our time to set a goal and start taking steps towards it.

The sign of Taurus is all about reliability, practicality, stability and patience. With the New Moon being in Taurus, we may feel more determined and more devoted to our goals. We will start putting strategic plans in place, in order to manifest our goals. There is no stopping for Taurus’ until they complete their goals and feel that satisfaction. The New Moon is urging you to take in some of these characteristics to help you with reaching your desires.

And while Taurus is an Earth sign and so deeply devoted to material possessions of the world, you are being called to go within first of all.

During this Global Pandemic, we are spending longer than we like alone with our thoughts. Some of us may be feeling the complete opposite of stable, as though everything is ruined and falling apart with no way to put it back together. While this is completely okay, we are being called to accept this change as it is. Accept that we cannot control the situation, we can only control how we react to the situation.

Accept and process this change, find the balance between stability and instability. Find strength amongst the madness.

We may be feeling very uncomfortable and thrown off by the situation. You’re wondering "How on Earth could I possibly find stability in all of this?"

You find it in yourself. You go deep within. You accept and understand that change is a part of life. Everything is constantly changing, evolving. Although this Pandemic can be frightening, we are being called to take this time to do some inner work.

It is time to focus on your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Take the focus off of the job, the house, the car. Take it away from the material world, for just a while, and bring it within.

The world outside of you is changing right now, but what needs to change within?

Do you place your security on your job? Do you place it on your home? Your partner? Your finances? If so, take a step back and ask yourself why?

Material things are temporary. With the odd exception of some being permanent. We have all seen how quickly our jobs have been taken from us, our finances have decreased, our basic human rights to go out and do what we want to in the world have been stopped, our ability to get on a plane and go on holiday has been taken away, we are unable to visit our friends or family members. Material things are temporary. So why are we basing our stability, our security and our happiness on these things?

When we go within, deep to our core, to really understand ourselves is when we find true stability and balance.

If you have been spending more time than usual alone recently, do you listen to your thoughts? Do you listen to your shadow?

This New Moon is really asking us to sit down with our shadow, the side of us that is so often repressed, turning into resentment, fear and anger, insecurity. There is a reason for these feelings that consume us from time to time. In listening to what your shadow has to say, is acknowledging these feelings, a deep understanding what it is that makes them arise.

Shadow work is nothing short of overwhelming and painful, but it is what we need to bring these feelings to the surface, to find what it is that really makes them tick. This paves the light for the journey to healing.

Take this New Moon to hear what your shadow has to say, to identify those fears, to reveal them to the world.

This is a time of standstill, work with your shadow self, your inner fears, deal with the thoughts that arise and release them. This is a time for you to truly work on your inner being. To truly understand what will be good for your mind, body and soul.

Take time to acknowledge within yourself what really needs to change. What behaviours, patterns, thought processes hinder you? What is your shadow self holding you back from?

When you acknowledge the feelings arising from your shadow self and then let them go, you will be on your way to fulfil your dreams and your desires. Those feelings of insecurity, fear and resentment only hold you back. So be with them then be rid of them.

With Uranus also being very active under this New Moon, change is occurring. Within us, outside us and all around us. Uranus is the planet of change, tension and revolution. So it is inevitable we will feel these characteristics too. Uranus, in astrology, is also known as the "The Awakener". We are being called to awaken our inner fears and anxieties. We are being called to shake every past mishap and let it crumble before us so that we can revolutionise it and turn it into something more empowering.

Accept those fears and anxieties. They are there to teach you something. Thank them for arising and tell them they are free to go now. They have done what they needed to and now you are free from them. Accept that they have been a part of you for quite some time, and no doubt some more may arise, but they have done you the world of good for now. We would not be who we are today, tomorrow or next year without these feelings. Accept that they will be a part of you again and understand they are needed to point us in the right direction. Accept yourself for who you truly are today - flaws, fears and all. Show some love and compassion towards yourself like you would any other being. Be gentle with yourself. Find security within yourself. In doing so, we will no longer have to rely on material things to bring us stability, joy or happiness. Regardless of what the outside circumstances may be or become, if we truly accept and have faith within ourselves, we will always be secure.

A little grounding and centring technique to help you through your shadow work:

Start by sitting with your bottom placed on the ground with nothing between you - best down outside in nature however is still effective inside. Or if you need back support, sit on a chair with your feet placed directly on the floor or ground.

Close your eyes, inhale deeply through your nose, hold for a few seconds and exhale. Continue with this deep breathing.

Now imagine a bright light surrounding you, this can be whatever colour you like (I like to choose red as it is the colour associated with our root chakra - the chakra of safety, security and stability)

Imagine as this light surrounds you, it also fills you. It travels into your body through your feet, travelling all around your body until you are completely filled with this light.

As it reaches your crown chakra, imagine it go down back through your third eye chakra, your throat chakra, your heart chakra, solar plexus, sacral and into your root chakra.

As it reaches your root chakra, it continues on down through and outside of your body, through the floor and all the way down into the centre of the earth until it reaches the deep core.

Imagine this light acting as an anchor for you, holding you still, secure, stable. This anchor is cleansed by Mother Gaia and she sets it free and returns it back to you, cleansed and free of negative energy.

You are protected. You are still. You are grounded. You are safe.

If you wanted, you can incorporate some crystals into that visualisation.

Some crystals that are useful are:

  • Red Jasper

  • Hematite

  • Bloodstone

  • Amber

  • Unakite

Remember to cleanse your crystals and set an intention for them before use to get the most out of them!

Some other simple forms of grounding can just be breathing techniques; ie inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale and hold for 4, repeat; yoga, cooking, colouring in or drawing!

Taurus rules the neck, throat, thyroid gland, larynx, tonsils and Adam’s apple. Make sure you’re taking some time to protect these parts of your body & keeping them healthy!

Of course on any New Moon it is a perfect time to be setting intentions. So while we can still be focusing on our shadow work, setting intentions and goals for the future is great to take some of the tension away and make for a more positive experience!

Intentions do not always have to be about goals or dreams you want to achieve, it could be as simple as how you want to feel or strengths and qualities you would like to develop. Goes perfectly hand in hand with shadow work, releasing the old and inviting in the new!

Intention Setting Ritual

(You can alter this in any way you like, always follow what feels right for you!)

Cleanse your space - with smoke ie sage, palo santo or incense; or with an oil diffuser of your favourite essential oil. Cleanse with the intent on cleansing, it doesn’t matter how exactly you do it, as long as the intent is there.

Centre and ground yourself - meditation, drawing, colouring, chanting, singing, listening to music.

Focus on your intentions - what is it that you truly want to achieve? Make sure your intentions are positive and for the greater good of yourself. Let your intentions inspire you, motivate you, drive you.

Light your candles and set up your sacred space in whichever way you please. Write your intentions down on sticky notes, each intention with its own note.