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✨ pick a pile - what's going on? ✨

𝗽𝗶𝗹𝗲 𝗼𝗻𝗲 - tigers eye ⁣

𝗽𝗶𝗹𝗲 𝘁𝘄𝗼 - shiva lingam ⁣

𝗽𝗶𝗹𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗲 - malachite

take a moment to connect with your breath. close your eyes, inhale deeply and exhale freely. take as long as you need in this safe space. when you're ready, open your eyes and choose a pile that you feel drawn to. you can choose more than one if you feel called.

just a reminder that these are general messages and may not resonate with everyone. as i say in all my readings, take what resonates and leave the rest.


pile one - tigers eye ⁣

tigers eye is the ultimate stone used to combat fear, anxiety and uncertainty. this beautiful stone is a little "boost" for you to begin living your life with fierce, strength and bravery. you can use this stunning stone to empower, motivate and drive you away from lack of confidence and personal power as it helps to shed and clear any blockages or imbalance in your solar plexus chakra. just as beautiful as a tiger's stripes, this stone is your strength and protection in any battles.

pile one are currently at a battle with themselves, and therefore, at a battle with the world. it may seem as though the world is out to get you at the moment. nothing seems to be going right and no matter what you do to try and fix it, it just blows it all up in the air even more. or so it seems.

five is the number of change and transformation. with the five of wands, we have passionate change, inspiring transformation - which can get a little bit heated if someone gets in the way. it's like you want to change, you want to make a difference, but for what... do you want to do this for yourself truly, or is it an ego thing? i sense some jealousy with this card. who are you trying to compete against? why do you have to compete? what do you actually need to prove? it's as though you're making everything much more difficult than it really needs to be. the world isn't against you. you're against yourself. take a moment to step back and assess how things are. really look at it from a different perspective and understand that your attitude and behaviour ain't gonna get you anywhere. in the long run, you'll just end up hurt and exhausted. take a moment to notice what you truly want to change about yourself, for you. not because you want to be like someone else, or be better than someone else. get out of that egoistic mindset. you'll lead yourself down a spiral of discontentment, unhappiness and overall agitation. give yourself a break and just be. you don't have to be anyone other than yourself. you don't have to do anything other than what you want. know that positive change is coming, but it's only for the best, and only when you're ready.

the nine of chalices reversed to me is symbolising some kind of unhealthy habit, over indulgence perhaps; food, shopping, alcohol, drugs. you may be trying to fill a void within you with these unhealthy habits, only to find it leads you further away from your goal to escape. after the binge, you're right back at square one, so what was even the point? notice when this indulgence becomes a problem. it's okay to enjoy yourself every so often with some retail therapy, comfort food, a glass of wine or perhaps a little smoke of the green stuff. but all in moderation. your body is your home. your body is your temple. treat it with respect and you'll receive respect back. over indulgence is not the answer to your lack of whatever you feel you lack. over indulgence is the pathway to more experiences of lack. if you really want to deal with the void you feel, ask it what it needs. come home to yourself and just outright ask yourself what you truly need to take the first step to feeling whole. this could be as simple as a walk in nature, singing your heart out in the shower or an afternoon with your friend, or perhaps it's a little more than that; therapy, a trip to the doctors, a change of diet and lifestyle. what is buying hundreds of pounds of new clothes and shoes going to do to fill the void, apart from leave you potentially broke? what is 3 bottles of wine going to do apart from leave you with an extremely sore head the next morning? take a little assessment of your coping mechanisms. understand what is healthy and what is not. i understand over indulgence, addictions and habits are no joke. and if this is something you may be suffering with at this time, please reach out to someone to point you in the right direction. but for now, focus on the feelings of lack. understand where you lack, what you lack, why you feel you lack this. this will guide you deeper to knowing what you need to overcome those feelings. understand yourself. understand your needs. understand your body. we live in a society that is so out of touch with our mind, body and soul that the only way we know to cope is spending hours on social media every day, binge drinking every weekend and flogging all of our money on things we don't need. a little bit of a reality check is needed to stop this. mental health is becoming increasingly concerning. look after your mind. look after your body. look after your soul.

that brings me on to the temperance card; balance. balance of the mind, body and soul. like i said it was okay to have things in moderation. find a balance between it all. if you wanna drink a full crate of beer on a friday night, let your fricken hair down and do it. but only that friday, then leave it for a week or 2. and do it again after that if necessary. if you wanna buy yourself some new clothes to make yourself feel good, do it. but only buy what you'll really wear. send the stuff back that you wont. declutter your wardrobe, sell the stuff that's been lying in the back for years or better still, donate it to charity or clothing banks. if you wanna smoke some of the green stuff, im all for that. but don't allow it to become what you need to get through the day. substitute it for a nice cup of chamomile tea, does the same job in relaxing the body... you know you want to make these healthier changes. and it does take time, hard work and dedication. be patient with the process. be patient with yourself. we don't completely change our lives in one day. that is unreasonable. but we can start to do it in 21 days. so take a conscious effort every day for 21 days to switch the smoke for a cup of relaxing herbal tea. start small. then after those 21 days, switch the impulse buying for reading a book. when you get an urge to buy to fill your void, put your device away, go and sit down to read a book for 45 minutes. watch the urge slowly fade away. you can change. you know you want to. it's up to yourself to follow with your plan.

the receiving card is telling me to fill your temple with things that nourish you, fill your mind with things that motivate you, fill your soul with things that complete you. not just for one day or a few hours, but for a longer term effect. be open to receiving this new sense of self. be open to receiving help, support and advice. ensure that what you place inside of you to fuel your mind for the highest good. unfollow people on social media who give you a false sense of self, or who you want to be like, get rid of that. stop comparing yourself to others. release people from your life who bring you down. invite more people in who uplift you, inspire you and motivate you. never feel bad for doing what is right for you. at the end of the day, you're the only one who lives your life. so start living it for you instead of other people.

be open and ready to receiving blessings when they come along. you are worthy of love, compassion, health and abundance. get yourself in a space to accept and appreciate that. live from a state of gratitude. be thankful for all that you have, all that you are. instead of wanting for more. once we are peace with our current lives and our current selves, we watch the blessings flow in naturally.

pile two - shiva lingam

shiva lingam is my absolute favourite stone of all time. it embodies the four elements; earth, water, fire and air. this stone comes from only one place in the world, the Narmada River in Western India, one of India's most Holy sites. this stone represents balance and the beginning of all creation. it embodies both the divine masculine; solid oval shapes, as well as the divine feminine; unique patterns. it helps to bring one to a state of harmony when understanding the differences between masculine and feminine, but knowing we are all one. when used in meditation it can invoke the kundalini energy within us. empowering healing, transformation, death and rebirth.

so, what's going on with pile two? a little too much. you guys are working yourselves into the ground. with the four of swords reversed, i am sensing a burn out and exhaustion. i suggest you stop putting in those additional hours in work, even just for a few weeks. the place will be just fine without you. you may think that everything will fall apart if you stop committing to overtime, but it won't. other colleagues are there, it is not your job to keep everything in the workplace running smoothly, especially not at the expense of your physical and emotional health. you're doing these extra days and longer hours while running on empty. although the money may seem like an incentive, give yourself a break to rest and recharge before taking on anything more. in another sense, you could be running after everyone else in your life and fulfilling their personal needs while completely neglecting yourself. this is the ultimate time for you to withdraw from the external world for a little while. you can't pour from an empty cup. it's better to take some time for yourself and recharge your batteries so that you can continue with your service in an efficient and effective manner. running on empty only causes for mistakes, missing pieces and ineffective support. it's all go go go for you guys. you can't just sit down for one moment and be present in the moment, or be still. you constantly have to be up and about, doing something, helping someone. but when was the last time you really did something for yourself, or helped yourself? there may be some kind of frustration here because you're doing, doing and doing yet seem to be achieving very little. this is ineffective work, caused by running on empty. so take an extra hour in bed in the mornings, have an afternoon nap, spend 45 minutes in the shower, meditate for at least 20 minutes, do something for you. to allow your mind and body a break from the constant go of life. allow your mind and body to rest, recharge and rebalance the energies essential for effective service and work. we all wanna be at our best, but that doesn't mean working or being of service to the point we break down. take your time. slow and steady wins the race.

the queen of pentacles energy here is a guide to nurturing yourself and your home. pay more attention to what is going on around you and associate yourself with the good parts. when your family are together and you're stuck on your phone, you're detaching yourself from them. or when you're on the phone catching up with an old friend and doing the dishes at the same time, you're detaching yourself from the rekindling. put down the dish cloth, have yourself a cup of tea and talk to your friend. why do we always gotta be doing more than one thing at a time? be present in the moment. nurture the time you have with your friends and family, nurture the time you have with yourself. perhaps you come home from work, to make the dinner, to clean the whole house, to go to bed, without any genuine interaction with your family. while its all well and good to be creating this financial abundance and providing for your family in a material sense, it is also important to find the balance between material abundance and emotional abundance. put the phones away at dinner time. leave the chores for another day. watch a movie together at night. or, if you're living by yourself. make yourself a nice meal, leave the chores for another day, spend some time with yourself (without your phone, tv, laptop or tablet), just an hour out of your evenings to come home to yourself and feel the abundance of peace and contentment. you can continue your to do list after. but make sure you are giving time and space for what truly means the most. you're not gonna remember a sparkling clean home a few months down the line, but you'll remember that time you took a cleansing shower while listening to your favourite playlist and felt the most content you ever have, or you'll remember that time the whole family sat down for a meal and had conversations together rather than through a phone screen. what you're working for day in day out is worth it, of course, in a material sense. you have that security of a warm home, you're able to provide for yourself and your family, you're able to treat yourself every so often. so be proud of that. be proud of what you have achieved and reminisce on what it took to get there. this comfort and financial security can bring some kind of an emotional abundance, but find the balance between the two. maintain the compassionate, nurturing and practical characteristics if the queen of pentacles and you'll thrive in all area's of life.

the four of wands suggests there is something you are celebrating, or will be celebrating soon. (lets hope its getting out of lockdown!) in all seriousness though, there is something you've been working on for a while and soon you'll be seeing the fruits of your labour. the number four is one of stability in terms of home, work and personal life. it's the calm before the storm with the transformation and change of the number five. and the security and stability after the positive and inspiring manifestations of the number 3. so whatever you been working on or manifesting, expect it to come to fruition sooner rather than later. keep up the practicality and theory of what you're aiming for. and when the time comes, allow yourself to celebrate what you have achieved. observe, appreciate and acknowledge any milestone. whether it's something as small as doing the washing or something like purchasing a new home. no win is ever too small. it is a win, at the end of the day!

this card also symbolises family and coming together. maybe all of our hopes and dreams as a nation to come out of lockdown really will come true and we will be able to connect with our loved ones just like before and make up for lost time. or perhaps you're spending a lot of time recently going back to how things were before the rona hit. being able to take your family out for a meal, go into town at the weekend for a wine lunch, spending a saturday at your friends house with everyone together. all of this we took for granted, and to have it taken away from us so suddenly, and for so long, can definitely get us into a state of sad nostalgia. but know that better days are soon coming. reminisce back to these times with excitement for all the new memories you are yet to create.

this leads me on to the oracle card for pile two "new birth, guarded vigilantly", there is a new way of life incoming. a new sense of self. this could be on the back of your celebration, whatever it may be. moving home, a new beginning. changing career, a new beginning. healing from trauma, a new beginning. every change we make in our lives is the potential for a new life. a new birth. a new self. every single day we wake up is the potential for a new birth. it is another chance to start over, start fresh. this is your sign to release those old habits, thought patterns, beliefs, conflicts and arguments, in order to birth a new sense of self for the greater good. working yourself into the ground could be a distraction, but for what? are you distracting yourself from the unhappy home life you have, working every hour of the day to escape? get out of an environment you are not happy in. voice your concerns. speak your truth. you have the right to live a happy and fulfilled life, don't stay where you're unhappy. or, are you distracting yourself from the fears and insecurities you have within you, by indulging in social media and unrealistic standards, only to make yourself feel worse? but no, you'll see that as "motivation". you'll see it as inspiration to get up and make a change, only to put your phone down and cry because these unrealistic standards are set so high that only photoshop and a fake way of living will own up to them. detox yourself from social media. if you want to birth a new sense of self, do it without social media. put your fears, doubts and insecurities in front of you, look them in the eye and tell them they have no space in your mind. they are not worthy to be spending their time there. release them.

all this stuff you keep hold of, all this stuff you stick with, all this stuff you continue to do, that you know is not helping, you need to let it go. it's not worth it. be kind to yourself, be kind to your body and be kind to your environment. rid yourself of everything and anything that does not serve your highest good, and watch a new path be formed right before your eyes.

pile three - malachite

the beautiful malachite stone helps to absorb negative energies within ones body or environment. it brings one to a state of harmony and balance, helping especially with woman during their moon time as well as healing cramps. it encourages one to break free from toxic chords and unwanted thought patterns and beliefs. the perfect protection stone in any situation.

pile three, i am sensing an intense journey of the soul with the six of swords being reversed. you guys are growing through some major transitioning from old beliefs and thought patterns, completely rewiring and reprogramming into something new. it is important to be gentle with yourselves at this time. you are embarking on this journey because you are ready for it. you are ready to dive into the depths of your soul, but you didn't realise the pain that comes along with it. it will isolate you. it will break you. but it will encourage you and build you back up again from the very cell you began with. trust the process. believe in the process. be the process. for some, there is reluctancy to change. there is a fear that comes along with leaving behind an old way of life for something fresh and new. you guys are really fighting against this happening. perhaps a relationship is slowly but surely falling apart, you're losing complete interest in your current job, or a very close friend in your life is irritating you a lot more than usual. ask yourself what you're scared of. is it the unknown? the fear of loneliness? is it change in itself? ask yourself why you're scared of that. there was a point in your life before the job, friendship or relationship when you were doing just fine. you gotta face up to these fears and blockages. reassess them. go back to old conflicts and put them to bed, even if it's difficult. things need to be discussed, the truth needs to be told and communication needs to be had. you may find that after the communication with whoever about whatever, your fears slowly fade away. and it becomes more clear about what you need to do next.

the knight of pentacles is gentle, slow, progress. it is the stopping and resting. it is the patience and understanding in oneself. i can see you're working very hard on healing some things in your life. you're doing this in a number of ways, may it be through therapy, a new hobby, meditation or a daily ritual practice. there are many things we can do to change ourselves and break free from old karmic cycles and it doesn't just have to be journalling our thoughts and feelings. you guys have your own unique process and routine to get through this, it is special and sacred to you and you alone. this journey of self is very personal. you may not be sharing it with anyone else and just going along with it in your own, private and safe bubble. for others who are not embarking on this journey of the soul, perhaps you have a goal in mind - working towards a promotion, a new project, moving home and you're being logical, practical and efficient in your actions to achieve this goal. it requires commitment, dedication and patience, which is perfect because these are all characteristics you embody. you don't believe in a job half done. you like everything to be precise, and if that takes time; so be it. in either case, things can get a little repetitive, mundane and unsatisfying from time to time. you may wonder why you still get triggered by a particular memory when you have spent weeks meditating on it and breaking it down. you may wonder why there is no further progress in your particular goal or project when you've spent months in your same routine getting ready for it to come to fruition. it's easy to get bored of the same, day in day out. as long as you maintain that commitment, dedication and have faith that you will reach your end goal; you'll do just fine. keep the goal in your heart and follow it. no matter what obstacles, challenges or bumps you face along the way, they're all placed there for a reason. pay attention to them and overcome them.

the queen of pentacles is your caring mother or grandmother. she is there to guide you and protect you on this journey. she is there to hold you. she is there to encourage you. some of you have someone of this nature in your life at this time. i urge you to pay attention to her and thank her for all that she does, she is not reminded enough. she knows you're busy doing your own thing but all it takes is a little message, or a delivery of flowers to her home. she will never ask this of you nor particularly expect it - but surprise her. she needs nurturing and protecting just as much as you do. some people think mothers have super powers (they certainly do) but it doesn't mean mothers don't need guiding, protecting and encouragement too. almost all of the time, they do, but they're just too proud to say. give your mother a hug the next time you see her. give your grandmother a hug too. remind them that you are there for them just as much as they are there for you. your mother and grandmother are your queen. respect and treat them as such.

others of you are currently going through some healing due to the lack of a motherly figure in your life. maybe you had a mother growing up but they weren't particularly motherly. this could be for a various reasons. perhaps they were without a mother growing up and do not know how to properly nurture and care for a child. perhaps they struggle with addiction or substance abuse. perhaps they are, or were, abusive towards you. there are many reasons one may have mother issues, just as much as they have daddy issues. it is important that you recognise and learn that how you were treated by your own mother, does not reflect on who you are as a person or who you will grow up to soon be, it also doesn't give you reason to play victim either. generational trauma can be passed down from years and years of ancestors - one may not know why they cannot love or be loved, one may not know why they turned to violence of their children, one may not know why they put substances before their kid - all they know is that they do it. some may feel bad, others not so much. you have went through your life struggling to fix this broken relationship, trying to break free from the chain they have on you, trying to save them from abuse and addiction. but let me tell you something, that is not your job. it is not your job to help, fix or save another human being - regardless if they are your mother or not. that is up to them. while you may carry the hurt, pain and sadness through your life, the only way to break free is to work on healing that. break the generational curse. heal your own wounds. rid yourself of energies and emotions that do not belong to you. rid yourself of the hurt and sorrow you carry for your mother. that is the first step freeing yourself. that is the first step to healing your mother issues. healing your mother wound. i could talk about this in depth for hours. but each case is different and each person is individual so i will leave the message at that.

the oracle card we have for this pile is guidance to loosen your grip. you can take this in whichever way resonates. loosen your grip on a desired outcome. loosen your grip on a relationship. loosen your grip from the chains you hold. know that whatever will be will be. you don't need to push so hard. you don't need to obsess. you don't need to hang on. just loosen up and let things go, let things be, let things pan out how they are destined to. use the feminine energy we all hold inside of us, regardless of your gender. tune into that feminine energy of gentleness. tune into the feminine wisdom. work smarter, not harder. you'll get to where you need to be in time. be guided by your heart. and trust.


let me know which pile you chose and whether a message resonated with you or not. remember not to force a message. if your pile has no resonation to you situation, come back when your mind is clear and free and choose again. or read over it again in a few hours. not everyone will have a message for them; these are general readings.

if you would like a personal reading please don't hesitate to message me. i am currently running on a limited schedule and booking basis. readings can take up to 2 weeks to be received.

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