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Pick A Pile ✨🔮 - a message from your Higher Self

Hello My Lovelies!

So I decided to do my first ever Pick A Pile Tarot Reading. Now to be completely honest, my hope for this was to make it into a YouTube video but I am wayyy too shy and awkward for that just yet... I'll stick with what I know best for now. 😂

I'm sure you all know how Pick A Pile works so imma just jump straight into it!

These messages may or may not resonate with you - if they do please let me know in the comment section!

Each Pile is a message from your Higher Self, your Subconscious Self, your Guide... listen closely to what they have to say, take in the guidance and act upon it! You are the Creator of your own life. It's up to You to make the conscious choices and decisions to set You on your desired path. I am Your messenger for today.

What do you need to hear?

Pile 1 - Selenite
Pile 2 - Clear Quartz
Pile 3 - Amethyst

Pick one pile that draws your attention. Really focus on it for a few moments, then read on...

Pile 1 - Selenite

I know you have been feeling unsure recently, I know you have been struggling. There is a decision or a choice that you must make, may it be in terms of your love life, your job, or just a general life decision. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Fighting between two different scenarios, weighing out the good and bad of each one yet still you are getting nowhere. This decision that you must make is taking up a lot of weight on your shoulders and space on your mind. It is a burden on you mentally, physically and spiritually. It isn't as difficult as it seems. I know it is scary. There is only one choice you must make. Do you follow your heart or follow your mind?

You are feeling discomfort in your life at the moment, discontentment. Your vision is blurry and your mind is foggy. I need you to see the help that is being offered to you. You are not alone in this choice. You must stop being so stubborn and accept what is being given. Accept the help, the advice, the love. I know it can be hard sometimes to see good things when they are there, if you are here - in this dark little spot of unknowingness and uncertainty. Take yourself out of your mind. Realise that you have great things in your life. This choice you have to make isn't even life or death - but it is to do with your own happiness. So choose wisely. Realise that there is help. Then accept that help. Appreciate that help. And this will be much easier on you.

Once you accept the helping hand or the compassion that is being shown to you, the fogginess will disappear and your vision will be less blurred. This is your Guidance. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop hating on yourself and please, stop hating on other people. Once you becoming accepting of yourself and others around you, you will feel more satisfaction, more contentment with life.

Build that relationship up with yourself as it is the most important thing. Master this and you will Master all.

No matter what path you choose, there is opportunity for success. Nothing is right nor wrong in this life. You will soon find justice within. You will soon have peace of your own mind. You will soon know that you have made the right decision. Justice will be served within you.

I trust in You. So You must trust in Yourself. 💫

"There isn't anything that I cannot be or have." - Abraham Hicks (Esther)

You will not go far if you continue slouching around and arguing with yourself. Change starts with you. Stop being so stubborn, get up, dust yourself off and show the world that You can do it. Adjust your emotions accordingly, make the change you want to see in your life and accept it. It's all going to be okay, I promise.

Don't be hard on yourself either. I know it's a little crappy feeling this way but I am here to guide you and to help you. Forgive yourself. Allow things to unfold as they are. Accept what is being offered to you. And just flow. "I trust in my Highest Good"

Pile 2 - Clear Quartz

I can feel the tension you are experiencing. I can feel the pain you are holding on to. You are feeling restrained with difficulties. Feeling like there is no way out. Feeling hopeless. I am here to tell you that there is a way out. There is an opportunity to take yourself where there are more peaceful waters, more calming times. It is possible. But you must open your eyes. You are surrounded by solutions which you just assume are not going to work because you are clouded. There is hope here, if you remove your blindfold, you can't see much with that on. Open your eyes, your mind, your heart. The Universe will show you the signs you need to get out of that trap you are in. This could be in various forms. So take off that blindfold, step out of that rope and have a look for yourself. The signs are coming your way.

You gotta make a sacrifice here. You can't have one thing and also the other. You must make room for the Greater Good. You must let go of what does not serve you. Let go of the hate, the regret, the guilt. Make room for love, appreciation and kindness. Use your inner strength, you and I both know it's there.

"The happiness of our life depends on the quality of our thoughts." - Marcus Aurelius.

Make use of those personal experiences, everything you have went through in this life serves part of your future. Turn it into the wisdom you need to guide you. Don't let it sit there and rot away. Make use of everything. Nothing is impossible.

You have potential to create any life that you dream of. You know exactly where you need to be headed. You know exactly the decisions you must make. Yet you still have not done anything about it. Letting go of that tension, that anxiety, that fear. Take the first step in your new venture, make the first move. This will bring you closer to your soul's purpose.

I know you're becoming fed up with the mundane aspects of everyday life. I know you're searching for answers. You're digging deeper into the meaning of Self, the meaning of the Universe, the meaning of Life. You realise that you are not a human having a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being having a human experience and you want to dive deeper. You want to understand. So why don't you start? I ask you to do research, read books, watch videos. Find your Higher Self. Be your Higher Self. Find your purpose. I ask you to make use of the Law of Attraction. Use it for your desires, your hopes and dreams. Imagine what you want, Expect that you can have it, and Welcome it as it comes.

Pile 3 - Amethyst

You recently made a decision. A decision that was not easy but a decision that was needed. It was needed to help you heal. I know that it has been hard for you. I know that there have been a lot of difficulties and obstacles along the way that you are still trying to make peace with. You are struggling to make peace with these. You are struggling to make peace with your decision. But honey, I promise it was for your Greater Good. It will get easier. But you must face up to it. You have already turned your back on everything that has come after this decision and that isn't the way to go about things. You knew that there would be some sort of consequences, every choice comes with them. So you gotta do your bit and face up to them. You have already bypassed the hardest part. You think that by ignoring these difficulties they will just disappear. If only it worked like that. But this is real life and you must face what comes to you. The longer you ignore things, the longer they are going to continue on and the harder it is going to be to deal with them. This conflict that is arising really isn't as bad as it seems. You tend to be fighting more with yourself than the actual difficulties, the external factors. So take yourself outside, look at yourself from my point of view and you will see more clearly how to deal with this conflict.

If you put in the work that is needed to get through this, it will all run a lot more smoothly. There will be progress made. There is no need to jump straight in at the deep end and "fix" everything.. Assess the situation slowly, from my point of view. Assess all avenues and follow through. Don't give up just yet. Maybe this situation will need to be resolved with communication. You must work out what is in the best interests of both/ or all parties. In the end, peace will be made. Justice will be served and it will be time to move on. Maybe the other party may not want to speak to you or maybe you are afraid to speak with the other party. For this to be resolved, you must make the first move. No one can read your mind. No one can know what you are feeling until it is spoken about. Until it is faced properly. So be bold and make that first move.

"Sever the ignorant doubt in your heart with the sword of self-knowledge. Observe your discipline, arise" - Bhagavad Gita

I am sensing a celebration of some kind happening soon for you. May it be a celebration for you, or a family/ friend. An engagement party or maybe someone will announce a pregnancy? Something big is coming after all this madness. You deserve a party. You deserve to have fun. Let loose. Let your hair down. Enjoy the moment. Be present. But I warn you to be careful, as this euphoria only lasts a while. Do not let it be an excuse to get away from your thoughts. You must work with yourself to be at peace. Then you can truly enjoy the beauty of life.

What is it that you need to release? Release the thought of what could have been. Release the urge to turn your back on your decision, your choices, your happiness. Release the thought that you "can't". Release. Release. Release.

After you release, Allow. Allow love to flow in all forms. Allow compassion to be given and received. Allow happiness to overwhelm you. Allow peace to be a part of you. Allow the thought that you are allowed. And just ~be~.

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