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keeping our faith during a global pandemic

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

self isolation. quarantine. lock down. social distancing. scary words, scary phrases, scary concept.

during this time of aloneness, whether we are living with family, living with friends, or living on our own, we can all still feel overwhelmed. overwhelmed with the thought of sitting between the same four walls for 3 weeks on end, if not more. overwhelmed with the thought we are missing out on these weeks of our life. overwhelmed with thinking about what could have been and what will be. overwhelmed with the thought of all those hard workers out there risking their lives to help people or to provide an essential service to the public, while we sit between these four walls. these times are hard enough with this global pandemic and the sacrifices we have to make to control the spread. it seems that a lot of people are forgetting about the every day issues and illnesses others have to deal with - that kill people every single day. this pandemic has come, it will stay, and then it will go. just disappear as fast as it appeared. but daily life struggles will never go away. chronic illnesses and mental health issues will never go away. during this time of aloneness, we need to remember those struggling with mental health issues. being between four walls and doing nothing apart from going on one walk a day can really enhance symptoms for some people, it can be draining, exhausting, overwhelming. I one hundred percent respect all those still working and I do understand the sacrifices that we have to make to control the spread of this. but please, please, do not forget about the daily struggles. please do not forget about your loved one who may suffer from mental illnesses. please do not forget about your friend who lives alone and has a chronic illness. please check up on them just like you would any other day. it may not be physical but please reassure them that you are still there when they are in need. please don't let them forget that they aren't alone, even though some of us may be. a simple video call or even a phone call during the day can pick spirits up for some. a simple message to say you're thinking about them and you're proud of them. a simple photo sent to remind them of better times and a further reminder that we will have those better times again.

to all those who are struggling with mental health issues / chronic illness during this time - I have not forgotten about you. I will not forget about you. our struggles do not just disappear in the midst of this all. they're still there, they're still real and they're still raw. some may be lessened - having been given a chance to do nothing for a while, or some may have increased - for that same reason. everyone copes with their illnesses differently and for some, if not most, this quarantine or lockdown or whatever you want to call it, will be the deadliest thing for our wee minds. if you're struggling, please reach out to someone. read a book. write a song or a poem. choreograph a dance to your favourite song. play an instrument if you have one. get back into that hobby you put off for so long because you were so busy. colour in, draw, paint, write in your journal. meditate. have a bath every single day. do home work outs. style your hair. do your makeup. put a fancy out fit on. take some gorgeous selfies. go for a long walk and bring your camera and your journal, detail everything about that walk. be alone and be comfortable with being alone. plan your week's rather than your days, because we have this time now. we have this time to spend with ourselves to breathe. this time to relax. this time to come to surface with some things on our minds. I know this is going to be so so hard and debilitating for some of us, especially having all this time on our hands between these same four walls every day with nothing to keep up company apart from our thoughts. but use this time wisely. understand your thoughts. let them arise. let them come to you, acknowledge them, accept them, tell them thank you for coming, then let them go.

we will get through this together my little fighters. keep the faith. I have it all in you. ✨🤞🏽

sending love & light. 🧿🙏🏽🌠💜

#keepingthefaith #dealingwithtragedy #faith

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