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Full Moon in Libra (April 7-8 2020 Super Pink Moon)

The first Full Moon of Spring is a beautiful one. On April 7 and 8, we have the Super Pink Moon gracing our skies. This will be the largest and brightest moon of 2020 and it graces us in the sign of Libra.

Libra is the sign of peace, harmony and coming together. Our Libra Full Moon encourages us to be there for one another, to find balance amongst the craziness of the world, to show support and recognition. The brightness of our Moon illuminates the message it is perceiving "look out for others. we are in this together."

We may be feeling very eager to bring harmony to both our inner self and the outer world today. Feeling the need to communicate with others, to put things right.

The Moon is also in the Second House - the house of value, consisting of money, possessions and other materialistic things. We will most likely be focusing on how we can find abundance and security in these things during this period. It's best not to forget the metaphysical things also, however, such as our abilities, our skills and our talents. These can bring us more abundance than any material item. After all, they are the beginning of materialistic things. We can't receive without our mental abilities and skills.

Just like the moon goes through phases, as do we. During these unprecedented times, the small act of gazing into the sky and looking at our beautiful Moon can bring us those feelings that are being illuminated to us; peace and harmony.

Full Moons represent completion, celebration, reflection, letting go.

This is a great time to look back on any intentions that you set on the New Moon and reflect on what you have manifested. Give gratitude to all the blessings, experiences and gifts that you have been given. It is your time to give thanks to what you already have and release what no longer serves you, to make room for more good that is to come.

The Full Moon is a time of intense emotions and energies, which can be overwhelming for some. As well as a time for practicing Gratitude, it is also a time for us to practice a cleansing ritual or ceremony.

I would like to share my own personal Full Moon Releasing Ritual.

what you need:

- a journal and pen

- candles

- lighter or matches

- fireproof bowl or cauldron

- a bowl of water (if you don't want to use fire)

- sea salt (ordinary table salt if you have none)

- incense and/ or sage

- your favourite calming playlist

- crystals, stones, rocks or your own personal sacred objects

- tarot/ oracle cards (if you have them, not a necessity... i like to perform a reading for myself)

Firstly, what I like to do is have a relaxing bath. You can skip this part out.

My bath will consist of lots and lots of bubbles, Himalayan and Epsom salts, lavender oil, natural flower petals and some candles.

I spend my bath time reflecting on what I have achieved since the New Moon and giving thanks. Then I just become present in my bathing, enjoying how the hot water feels on my skin and I picture the steam cleansing all of the negative energies from me. Bathing helps to calm my mind, body and soul so it is a must before I carry out the rest of my ritual.

Next, I create my sacred space.

This is just a little spot on my very tiny bedroom floor.

I place all of my objects; my cards, crystals, candles, incense and bowl in a way that feels right to me. You can do this in whichever way you like. I tend to put my bowl in the middle with candles and crystals surrounding it, my incense and sage will be sitting at the top. Journal, pen and cards are sitting beside me.

I make sure to cleanse my space and all of my objects with sage before I start. I do this while listening to and singing "Devi Prayer".

I perform my cleansing with intention, I make sure that throughout my mind does not wander off elsewhere and I stay present in my cause.

Once my space has been cleansed, I take a few moments in meditation - to bring my mind to the intention of the ritual, to bring awareness to what I would like to achieve from it.

I then pick up my journal and write whatever comes to my mind. I write what I want to release and leave behind with this Full Moon. I think of what no longer serves me any good and I get it all on paper.

I then take the page, or pages, out of my journal and prepare for the releasing part of the ritual. I personally prefer cleansing with water and salt (less smelly and messy!)

With my candles alight and incense burning, I read over what I would like to release, place the paper in the bowl of salt water and imagine it being washed away. Imagine it being cleansed and out of my mind where it serves no good. Repeating the chant "Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti".

After the releasing part of my ritual, I like to do a Tarot Spread. I ask my cards what my mind, body and soul needs for healing and balance, what self-care act am I being called to take and what my major lesson is at this moment.

This is a time to tap further into what I need, I have made room for improvement after releasing any bad or negative energies.

I then pull an Oracle card or two as clarification and a little spark of hope.

Closing your ritual is the most important thing. We must make our souls aware that the ritual is now over and we can continue on with our day/ evening.

I close my ritual cross legged, hands placed together at my third eye and head bowed down, lowering my hands to my heart and saying "So may it be. Namaste."


Thank you, 

Blessed be. 

-Holly 🕉

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