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two minutes to lend a helping hand

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

helping someone does not have to be difficult. it doesn't have to be time consuming, or costly, or physical. lending a helping hand can be virtual, quick, effortless. the simple act of picking up your mobile and sending a short text message or giving your loved one a call to have a quick chat can be the most effective thing for those in need. it can be all that's needed to lift their spirits during a darker day.

now when i say this is effortless, it's because it is. we spend pretty much 70% of our days using our phones, don't we? flicking through social media, watching your favourite YouTuber on the go, finding the perfect song to play. but this is not to say that you looking out for someone should be effortless. show your loved one you care. show your loved one you remember them. show them that you are proud. those 2 minutes it took for you to send that text could mean your loved one carries on the rest of their day with hope in their heart and love in their soul.

2 minutes is all it takes.

2 minutes to find your favourite photo of your person, send it and remind them that they are remembered. 2 minutes to reminisce on your favourite memory of your person, let them know you're thinking about it, bring some happiness and nostalgia back into their soul. 2 minutes to send them a song that you can't listen to without thinking of them. 2 minutes to show them that in - the big bad world that is - their mind, it doesn't always have to be so scary outside of it. 2 minutes to bring them back to true Earth. 2 minutes to ground them. 2 minutes to relax them.

2 minutes. that is all it takes.

give your helping hand to someone who may need it today.

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