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Cancer New Moon June 2020

Well, hello there! Long time no speak - from me anyway...

This year has been intense. So much has went on in the world within the past few small months and I just wanna say, I am so proud of every one of you who got it to here today - I am so sorry for the lost of loved ones, family and friends.

We will come together in the Collective to get through this.

How are you feeling? How are you really doing at this moment?

Stop and ask yourself that question from time time. Truly take a moment to go inwards and reflect.

Don't question it, don't rationalise it - just feel it.

With the New Moon in Cancer now, we are being given a reason to step back and focus on our relationships and family life.

It may begin with us turning inward, reflecting and nurturing. We may be doing some inner child healing at this time, recognising and feeling our hidden wounds, learning to love, forgive and release them.

Cancer energy is associated with the fourth house in astrology which represents home and family, core and roots. We may be finding our focus slowly shift from within and to our friendships and relationships.

As well as inside wounds are healing, outside issues are being brought to the surface. You may gain understanding and closure from these instances.

A little wibbly-wobbly during this period, that's okay. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is - and remember sometimes it's better to forgive and forget than hold onto things.

Nurture yourself, have a self-love healing bath, go out in nature, feel one with earth, ground yourself, sing, dance, paint.

We may begin to feel ourselves experiencing and radiating more gratitude, raising our vibration, aligning with new opportunities and facing challenges head on.

Learning to fully love and experience life as it is in the moment, appreciating the smaller things.

Pay attention to your dreams at this time; drink a glass of filtered water and journal before bed, set an intention to remember your dream, keep a dream diary, journal each morning.

The smallest thing you remember could mean something. Our dreams are subconscious signs trying to get through to us.

Cancerians are dreamy signs and also pretty intuitive so don't dismiss what you get from your dreams at this time.

Cancer rules the chest, breast and stomach. Feeling a sense of nurturing toward ourselves and others, motherly like.

Also, side note: If you got a lover, love them up this weekend! ;)

I feel a lot of of us will create new habits and continue on with them for a long while.

Invest in your personal growth, expand your knowledge and raise higher.

This New Moon will clear our minds. Regulating the energies in and around us, allowing in only what serves our higher good.

*Keep a selenite wand beside your bed to help with this & consider carrying a clear quartz crystal with you.

I have created a New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread over on my Instagram!

Also, comment below how you plan on nurturing yourself during this time, I would love to hear!

Sending Love & Light to all,

Blessed be.

Holly ✨🔮

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