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A little slice of Hope

i wanted to come on here and talk about those true, raw feelings of hopelessness that we may experience from time to time.

they are inevitable, i know for me they are anyway. it is okay to feel low, hopeless, upset. it's okay not to feel amazing everyday. the sole fact that we can understand this is strength in itself. the fact that we have probably had countless days were we thought there was no getting out, yet we did get out, is strength in itself. 

today i want you to sit back and really think to yourself. think of all those debilitating times you have experienced. think of the time when all you could do was cry. think of the times when maybe you were even to weak to cry, so you just sit there, staring at that one point in your bedroom, too numb to cry, too numb to scream, too numb to shout, too numb to do anything. think of the nights when you physically and mentally could not sleep, when your brain was going into overdrive and your legs were restless and your hands were shaking. think of the next morning when it was finally time to start your day. think of how you got up and you just did it. think of when you pulled yourself out of that anxiety attack, got your shit together and realised what a strong and resilient person you really are.

now i want you to think, really truly remember these times. was it the end of the world? no matter how much you thought it was. did you overcome it? if you're reading this today, you most likely did. 

you're still living. you're still breathing. you're still trying. maybe you're still struggling. but you're still here.

now i want you to think of times when you have felt free, careless, content. i want you to think of a time in your life when you walked with your head held high and hope in your heart. i want you to think of a time when you wanted to shower every living, breathing thing on this earth with the love that you felt inside of you. i want you to think of a time when you laughed until your stomach hurt and tears rolled from your eyes. i want you to think of a time when you were with your friends and felt "this is an amazing day". i want you to think of a time when you looked at your partner and thought "i really fricken love you". when you hugged your siblings, your parents, grandparents and you felt true love, true security, true appreciation. i want you to think of that time when you sang your heart out to your favourite song, in the car, in the shower, in your bedroom. i want you to think about that time you smiled at a stranger and they smiled back at you. i want you to think of a time when someone complimented your outfit, your features, your personality. i want you to think of the time when you woke up in the morning and felt peace, no matter what the night before was like. i want you to think of the time when you done an extremely hard work out, but you done it. i want you to think of the time when you finally finished an assignment, a project, a piece of work, after many nights of hard work and stress. i want you to think of a time when you looked in the mirror with your favourite outfit on and realised how amazing you looked. think of the time when you looked in the mirror with no clothes on and thought to yourself "i accept myself, this is how i am and i am beautiful for it."

i want you to think of these times when you are struggling. i want you to think of them times, for you to remember that you done it. for you to remember that you stood up to and conquered those demons. remember that you can do it again. and you will.

i want you to remember that, no matter how hard times get, no matter how hopeless we may feel, there are brighter days just around the corner. remember that it doesn't stay like this forever. remember that what you think in your mind is how you're going to feel - how your emotions and day will end up. remember that when you feel this hopelessness, this sadness, to shift your thinking over to something more bright and beautiful. it could be as simple as listening to your favourite song, one that makes you spark inside and gives you goosebumps all over your body. listen to that song, feel how great it makes you feel, then hold on to that feeling. let it be a portal of more good feelings. just the same way as one bad thought is a portal to more and more and more bad thoughts. one simple thought, one simple action, changes our mood and our behaviours for the rest of that day. 

as much as it is absolutely okay, and i cannot stress this enough, to feel bad and think negative thoughts, it's always so much better to feel good and think positive thoughts. 

suffering will end. healing will occur. and you will be better. maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow or maybe not for a few months. but you will. life is a process. we control how that process pans out. so instead of allowing your thoughts, feelings and emotions to control you - remember who is boss and start controlling them instead. 

our minds are powerful in so many ways. we have the power to create the life that we want. the life that we want starts with the value of our thoughts. so if you want a life of sadness, misery and fear, then by all means, continue with those thoughts. but if you have realised that you want a life of success, peace and happiness - make your thoughts count, turn them into powerful gates that lead to pathways of our happy and peaceful future. never underestimate the power of the mind, but don't let it underestimate you either. 

you've got this. you will heal. you will be better. and you will get through any hard time. it's up to you to decide if you want to or not. 

i have faith. you should too. 🙏🏽✨

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