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mïni höme prötection kït

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♡ mini home protection kit ♡

protect your sacred space with this mini kit.


🖤 1 satin spar 

- similar metaphysical properties to that of selenite; satin spar is known at the "lucky stone" as it brings fortune to all those who wear or carry it. satin spar is a supportive stone for those times of stagnancy and turmoil. this high vibrational crystal is an all round cleanser & detoxifer for the mind, body & spirit. you can use this similarly to selenite to cleanse and recharge other crystals. 

- satin spar is extremely fragile and should never be placed in or near water. tiny fragmants may fall off the stone during time. be careful not to scratch your finger.

🖤 1 palo santo 

- palo santo, in spanish; "holy wood", is derived from a tree called bursera graveolens native to peru, ecuador and other south american countries. palo santo has been used for many years for medinical purposes but is most well known for its ability to cleanse and clear negative energies.

- palo santo (or smudging as a ritual) is a very sacred pratice to the native americans and indigenous people. please do so with the utmost respect to these people and their elders. 

🖤 1 raw tourmaline 

- black tourmaline is the ultimate stone of protection. its properties shield one from negative energy & removes, protects and cleanses one or ones home from unwanted entities and energies.

🖤 1 small buddha ornament

- to display on your altar or anywhere you feel necessary.


all items have been ethically sourced from various sellers.

as crystals & palo santo are natural earth substances - the looks, size, shape and form may vary from each piece.

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