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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

What can a Tarot reading do for me?

Tarot readings provide clarity on situations that you cannot see yourself. It is like a little book with all the answers to things you need to know about a situation, and the thoughts and feelings you have but can't quite put them into words.

What topics do you read?

We read for general questions and queries, love advice/ guidance, soul healing advice/ guidance and career advice/ guidance.

We do not read for major issues or crisis, such as health related or serious legal issues.

Can you tell my future?

No.  We are not a psychic or a medium. We cannot and will not predict the future or any future events.

However, some cards may come out which connect to a future event or celebration. We will let you know if we feel this, but in no way are we confirming it will happen.

Tarot readings can give you some insight on the probabilities of a situation or choice, but the final way of how a situation will play out is completely up to you, the seeker.

When will I receive my reading?

Your reading will sent via email within your scheduled booking time.

How will I receive my reading?

Currently all readings are sent via email. We are not yet offering readings in person, through video chat, phone call or recorded.

What is your booking policy?

Bookings should be made at least 3 working days prior to when you want to receive your reading.

Readings will not be completed on the day of your booking.

Cancellations and reschedules are not permitted, as the readings are sent via email.

Refunds will not be paid unless for any reason we are not able to perform a reading.

What if my reading is wrong?

There is no right or wrong with Tarot.

It is based upon the readers intuition and interpretation.

Tarot reading is a divination, in which the reader connects with the Universe, spirit guides, angels etc, to bring you insight and information on things you needed clarity with or things you did not even think you needed to know.

If you do not agree with information you have received in a reading, this does not negate the reader in any way.

If, for any reason, you feel the reading did not provide you with the information you needed or wanted, email business@thedivinearcana with your information and issue and we can look at having it corrected for you.

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