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more about me...

i'm holly. i like to say that i heal with my hands and figure shit out with my cards...

i am a certified reiki master and teacher, tarot reader and curious explorer of the deeper, darker and more mysterious ways of life. 

i'm not your typical "energy healer" or tarot reader. i do believe in love & light however i am here to guide you to the deeper, darker parts of yourself - helping you to explore them in a safe environment with continued support and guidance.

with mental health struggles on the rise and the suicide epidemic; specifically in the UK and Ireland, we are continuously failed by our health systems and governments.

spirituality, energy healing, plant medicines & music have helped immensely in my journey and without them, i probably wouldn't be here today. 

we're all dealing with all different kinds of sh*t in life. we can get so tangled up and lost in our shadows, fears, doubts and darkness. sometimes all we need is a little guidance from our higher selves or doing nothing but closing our eyes and laying the heck down for 90 minutes!

work with me to see what potential your darkness has to show you... it's nothing to be afraid of.


available for 1 - 1 sessions

group ceremonies

parties & events 


and anything else i may be useful for!

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